Welcome to some of the favorite recipes from The White Silk Purse.  Those included here are tried and true recipes that our family loves.  They have been collected over a lifetime and many have been shared with us by grandmothers, aunts, in-laws, and friends.  Additions will be made regularly. 

To navigate to any recipe, just click the title.  To print a recipe, scroll to the bottom of the recipe and click the little print button. Please feel free to share these recipes too, just give credit where credit is due.

We hope you like these as well as we do! 


Banham Green Salsa
Brazilian Limeade
Cari's Bean Dip
Cranberry Relish
Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip
Lori's Apple Dip
Suzie's Meatballs


Blueberry Scones
Corn Cakes
Diana's Delicious Bread (Loaves or Rolls)
IRA -- It's kind of like scrambled pancakes.
Whole Wheat Bread - The BEST in the World!


Chocolate Gobs
Ginger Cream Cookies
Karen Rae's Chocolate Chip Cookies -- Big Batch
White Chocolate & Raspberry Bread Pudding
Yard Sale Cookies

Brussels Sprouts to Brag About
Hint of Jalapeno Cranberry Relish
Zucchini Relish
Tomatillo Salsa


Chili Rellano Breakfast Casserole
Chinese Chicken Casserole
Corn Cakes
Deb's Mac & Cheese
Drunken Noodles
Emily's Gumbo
Pizza Dough and Pizza Sauce - Homemade
Wonderful Sloppy Joes

Bean & Ham Soup
Beef Barley Soup
Bow Tie Spinach Salad
Green Chili, Chicken & Lime Soup
Tomato Basil Soup
Stuffed Pepper Soup


Buttermilk Syrup
Michael's Chocolate Syrup
Dishwasher Soap Gel
Gingersnap Dip
Jalapeno Pepper Jelly
Skunk-B-Gone {Odor Remover}
Stabilized Whipped Cream
White Silk Purse Laundry Soap - Paste Version
White Silk Purse Laundry Soap - Powdered Version

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