Sunday, November 11, 2012

Diana’s Delicious Bread

Diana is my neighbor and my friend.  She willingly shared this flexible recipe with me and 18 young ladies who needed bread-making lessons.  We used both Kitchen Aid and Bosch mixers and it worked well in both styles of machine with Diana’s expert directions.

Diana’s Delicious Bread

If you use a Bosch mixer the dry ingredients go in first.  If you are using a Kitchen Aid or other hook down mixer, the wet ingredients go in first.  
With that in mind, allow the following to
knead for at least 20 minutes
in your machine.

8 cups of flour
2 T. SAF instant yeast
1 T. salt
¾ cup sugar
¼ cup powdered milk
3 ½ cups very warm water
2 eggs
1 cup softened (NOT melted) butter or margarine

Allow bread to rise double in the bowl, covered with a towel.  Turn on mixer to punch down.
Form rolls or loaves.  Allow to rise again.

Bake @ 425° for about 20 min.

As all bread makers know, measurements and times are approximate in bread making.  These things are often weather, elevation and temperature related so try it once and adjust for your area.
This recipe will yield 2 loaves or 2-dozen rolls. If you want to make sweet rolls (cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, etc.) double the sugar in the dough recipe.

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